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Cosmic Pegasus F:D[]


Cosmic Pegasus F:D[]


Also Known As[]

Big Bang Pegasis F:D (Original)

Product Information[]

Product Code[]





4D System


Beyblade: Metal Fury


Face Bolt[]

Pegasus III

Energy Ring[]

Pegasus III

4D Wheel[]


4D Bottom[]




Gingka Hagane

First Appearance (anime)[]

Star Fragment

First Appearance (manga)[]

A Stormy Fierce Battle!

Special Move(s)[]

Cosmic Tornado  
Shining Wind
Nova Super Cosmic Nova
Starblast Attack

Cosmic Pegasus F:D is an Attack-type Beyblade that appears in the anime and manga series, Beyblade: Metal Fury. It is Gingka Hagane's fourth Pegasus Beyblade in the manga, and the third in the anime. It was released as a Starter March 26th, 2011 in Japan.


[show]==Face Bolt: Pegasus IIIEdit== [2]

The Face depicts Pegasus, one of the 88 constellations in space. The Pegasis III version has horizontal lines breaking through the "P" and "S" on either side of the Pegasus head, and is generally in a lighter tone.

4D Energy Ring: Pegasus IIIEdit[]

Main article: 4D Energy Ring - Pegasis III

  • Weight: 3.14 grams

The Pegasis III Clear Wheel's original release is blue. It has two crescent-shaped edges which have wing designs on them. It also has "iron dust" particles that slightly shine inside of it for extra weight, although the effect is negligible since its weight remains average. It was, however, supposed to be a new feature of the 4D System.


4D Fusion Wheel: CosmicEdit[]

Main article: 4D Fusion Wheel - Cosmic

  • Weight: 41.83 grams

Big Bang is a unique Metal Wheel. It has three "wings", each etched with the intricate design of feathers. It is separated into three parts, the PC Frame, the Metal Frame, and the Core.

PC FrameEdit[]

  • Weight: 2.50 grams

The PC Frame is the plastic and top part of Big Bang. It has three sets of two square holes underneath it that connect with the Metal Frame. When rotated, the cubes on the Metal Frame that the holes connect to are inserted in a different hole, changing the mode of the PC Frame. It is dyed red and is made of polycarbonate, but it is generally too far away and too incrusted inside the Metal Wheel to really come into contact with an opposing Beyblade and absorb the shock as it should.

Metal FrameEdit[]

  • Weight: 25.48 grams

The Metal Frame is the main and middle part of Big Bang. It has three cubes on the top that connect to holes in the PC Frame. It also has three sets of two holes on the underside that allow a mode change with the Core's own cubes. As its name suggests, it is made of metal, and it contains most of the feather details in Big Bang’s design.


  • Weight: 13.81 grams

The Core is the bottom part of Big Bang. It connects with the Metal Frame with cubes that get inserted in the Metal Frame’s holes. It is the part that the Track and Clear Wheel attach to. It is also made of metal, and is shaped mostly like lower wings full of small feathers that complement the Metal Frame's design.

By turning the PC Frame and Core, you can make four different modes:

  • Smash Attack Mode

The PC Frame blocks the upper part of the hole between the Metal Frame's wings, and the Core is retreated closer to the end of the Metal Frame's feathers, to create a bigger wing.

  • Upper Attack Mode

The slope of the PC Frame aligns with the angle of the Metal Frame's wings, and the Core fits more under the holes between the Metal Frame's wings.

  • Barrage Mode

The PC Frame blocks the upper part of the hole between the Metal Frame's wings, but the Core fits more under the holes between those wings.

  • Omni-Directional Attack Mode

The slope of the PC Frame aligns with the angle of the Metal Frame's wings, but the Core is retreated closer to the end of the Metal Frame's feathers, to create a bigger wing.

Barrage Mode and Omni-Directional Attack Mode are largely considered the best modes, although the difference between each mode is almost negligible. Testing has shown it is a good Attack Metal Wheel, and it has use in Defense, to an extent. It has since been severely outclassed by many much better Metal Wheels in Attack and Defense though. Basalt and almost every other 4D Metal Wheel have performed considerably better in all aspects since its release, and with the beginning of Synchrom, it is not recommendable to use Big Bang anymore.


4D Bottom: Final:DriveEdit[]

Main article: 4D Bottom - Final:Drive

Weight: 5.85 gram Full Width: 27.78 mm Full Height: 21.18 mm Tip Height at rubber: 19.65 mm

F:D is a 4D Bottom, a fusion between a Track and a Bottom. It is therefore fairly large, to compensate for this merge of two parts. The main gimmick of this 4D Bottom is the automatic change of tip that activates during battle, where the SF-shaped tip retracts inside the base to allow the very wide rubber-coated, Hole-Flat-like shape to make contact with the stadium floor. This mechanism works because two tabs on the side of F:D pull out from the centrifugal force. When they extend, the SF tip comes out of the hole, and when the centrifugal force decreases because the Beyblade loses spin, the tabs pop back inwards and the SF bottom retreats, leaving an aggressive rubber tip with a hole in it. F:D has only found use in niche Anti-Meta combos, but is otherwise ruined by the automatic gimmick which cannot be stopped, therefore it is competitively useless. The intent of the mechanism is to give one last boost of energy to an Attack type, however at such low velocity, the hits are poor, it gets destabilized, and the added rubber surface only serves to lower the customization’s stamina drastically, which is actually how most Beyblades try to win at the end of a BeyBattle.

Use in Anti-Meta CustomizationEdit[]

An example of an Anti-Meta custom that F:D can be used in is MF-H Gravity Perseus F:D.